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Ritmo Mundo

Ritmo Mundo

RITMO MUNDO (“rhythm of the earth” in Italian) hallmarks a combination of architecture, geography and time by integrating the commonality of culture, heritage and history. Our offering of fresh and innovative inspiration are a perfect fit for any modern lifestyle. RITMO’s Italian and Swiss techniques redefine the independent watch market. Headquartered for the past 10 years on Rodeo Drive, our trendy dynamic brand caters to a clientele that is notoriously hard to please. No matter what you desire, RITMO MUNDO has a watch for you!
In the past 10 years, RITMO has held the official watch status of the Indy Car Series, Ocean’s 12 & 13 movie franchise and HBO’s “Entourage” and “Sex & the City”. In 2012, RITMO watches are featured in a variety of television shows including MTV’s “Caged”, CW’s “Remodeled”, and on ABC’s “Bachelor”.

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